A recent survey shows what Tucsonans think could improve safety in their neighborhoods. The research conducted by Just Communities Arizona (JCA) shows people want to know their neighbors to feel safe.

That was high on the list and when we talked to people, they really acknowledged that having opportunities to meet other folks, know who their neighbors are, get together, build those relationships, is very important to them, said JCAs Executive Director Caroline Isaacs.

The research covered all areas of Tucson, with over 100 responses from each ward and 1,206 participants total.

Their team had community leaders like David Garcia with Barrio Restoration collect the responses. Garcias experience with cleaning up the streets of South Tucson and the south side built his connection to the community.

Now, hes taking action with what he knows.

Tomorrow were hosting a Barrio fiesta with Just Communities Arizona, and we are trying to promote safety in our neighborhoods, said Garcia.

This is the first of what JCA is calling Safety Incubator Projects. For Garcia, its just another example of what he does for his hood.

From cleaning up the streets with Barrio Restoration, to the community garden hes building in an alley in his neighborhood, hes proud to set an example of what community safety means to him.

Anyone’s welcome to come to this fiesta. You got kids on the south side, you got families on the south side, it doesnt matter what hood youre from, we want to show other people how they can amplify their neighborhoods, he said.

The Fairgrounds Barrio Fiesta starts at 5 p.m. on Saturday at La Mariposa Park on 301 E. Aviation Dr.

Games are planned, as well as carne asada and raffles. Some of the prizes include Garcias backyard chickens, bicycles and handmade art.