It was a family affair at the Pima County Juvenile Court Center.

Everyone is supporting Savannah and Noah as 18-month-old Zoey legally becomes their daughter.

She was only a month old when we got her, and we fell absolutely in love,” Savannah Codner said.

Seventeen months later, they already know theyre a family.

So, it was time to head into the courtroom to make Zoey their daughter in the eyes of the State of Arizona.

“Ms. Codner and Mr. Fontes from this day forward Zoey is your daughter; congratulations,” The Honorable Michael Butler announced.

Becoming just parents instead of “foster parents,” Noah, Savannah, and Zoey all smiled for their first family photo.

Its nice for it to be ‘official,'” Noah added.

Pima County families adopted over 75 kids on Friday in honor of National Adoption Day on Saturday, Nov. 18.