A Tucson family lost its mother as the result of a wreck July 4th. Pima Sheriffs Deputies say it was a DUI Hit and Run. In this Operation Safe Roads report, KGUN9 has the familys message to anyone tempted to drink and drive.

My mom was an angel. She loved everybody. I promise you that if she was sitting here, you would walk out feeling like you were her best friend, says Melvin Claridge, the oldest son of 86 year old Marcia Claridge.

But now that friendship and love can only be memories. Marcia Claridge who had six children, thirty grandchildren and thirty one great grandchildren died the day after Independence Day.

Pima Sheriffs Deputies say on July 4th a driver who was DUI was at La Canada and Roller Coaster. They say 68 year old Conrad Ahrens hit one car, drove the wrong way on the road, hit another car then turned his vehicle over. Deputies say got out and he ran away. A Sheriffs aircraft helped deputies on the ground find and arrest him.

Deputies charged him with a long list of offenses. When Marcia Claridge died they added Second Degree Murder.

The family says there should be consequences but their religious foundation leads them another way too.

Melvin Claridge says, None of us feel. anger or hatred for that man. We feel sorry for him, because we know that he’s dramatically affected his own family, his own children and grandchildren.

And they hope anyone tempted to drink and drive will remember the impact for all the families.

Michael Claridge is recovering from his own severe injuries from the wreck.

He says God intervened that night. Someone he knows saw the wreck from his backyard, rushed over and prayed a blessing for Michael and his mother. Hes grateful instinct made him put out his arm to try to protect his mother from the impact.

So that my beautiful mother’s face didn’t have a scratch on it. And some of the miraculous moments that she had to be able to speak to her children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. When she was lucid are miraculous and I’m grateful that I was able to guard her face.