It’s been two years since a man set fire, shot first responders and attacked two EMT’S in an ambulance.

Three people died, including Jacob Dindinger.

KGUN 9’s Denelle Confair spoke with Jacob’s Father James Dindinger. They talked about the tragedy and legacy he leaves behind.

In James’ living room sits mementos and pictures of his son Jacob who died while on duty as an American Medical Response EMT here in Tucson.

At just 20-years-old, Jacob had big plans.

“He applied to be a firefighter with Tucson Fire,” James Dindinger said. “He was killed before that process, before he was completely hired. They recognize that he would have been a firefighter, had he lived. So, they made him an honorary firefighter.”

Jacob was shot and killed after responding to the call, where a man approached him and another EMT, opening fire.

“You’re not supposed to die at 20,” Dindinger said. “You know at somebody else’s hand on top of that, it’s that part, has been very, very difficult. You know?”

Jacob passed away two weeks later in the hospital. Saving others even in his last moments, by donating his organs.

“It hasn’t been easy especially all the time, especially this month. This is when everything happened,” Dindinger said. “It’s been difficult to know that everything that we’ve done in the last two years, he’s not a part of.”

Gone but never forgotten.

“I just miss you so badly. I miss the talks. We had a- miss watching movies,” Dindinger said. “I miss listening to music. I miss hearing Guns N’ Roses blasting out of the bedroom. You know, there’s so much.”

In September, the International Association of Firefighters will honor Jacob.