The family of a Green Valley man murdered in his own home is speaking out.

Seth Satterwhite was killed on Monday, July 10. His roommate, Stephen Murray, is accused of murdering Satterwhite.


Green Valley man arrested on suspicion of killing roommate Pima County Sheriff’s Department statement

According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Murray admitted to shooting and killing Satterwhite after getting into an argument with him over a woman.

Satterwhite’s cousin, Nicole Satterwhite Acker spoke to KGUN 9’s Heidi Alagha to remember her cousin. She says his death was “unexpected. Everyone was just in horrible shock.”

“We were born five days apart,” Acker shared. “He was the best when we were kids.”

She remembers him as a sweet, kind and giving person, saying Seth’s troubled past growing up and how he was finally on the right track.

From what I’ve understood from people there, he touched a lot of peoples lives,” she expressed.

He was even mentoring kids going through a tough time to help them get on track as well.

“He would take care of our grandmother when she got sick. He would come stay with her. He would cook for her and clean and fix all these little things around the house.”

When he moved to Arizona, Nicole says, “he really found his way.” He had a vape shop in Green Valley where “he worked 7 days a week. He worked all the time.”

He lived near his daughter and grandchild.

Nicole last spoke to Seth three weeks ago where they talked about seeing each other in the fall.

She also said, “he expressed that he was put off by his roommate the last time I talked to him. I know he had expressed concerns to others, nothing to the point we ever thought something like this would happen.”