Family weekend started Friday at the University of Arizona.

Its bringing more money to businesses both downtown and on campus.

At the Hotel Congress, all 39 rooms are filled.

And even more UArizona families are coming through to dine, drink and listen to music.

Its a whole experience to come here and I think that resonates with the parents, Trent Valladares said.

Valladares says it finally feels like all events are back in full swing after the pandemic. While they cant count the money until next week he says this weekend is always a windfall.

I dont have a ballpark of actual dollars, but I can tell you its one of our biggest weekends of the year,” Valladares explained.

Closer to campus, theres a bunch of hustle and bustle on University Street.

As businesses like Swindlers say the parents bring a big boost.

Employee Annabel Haake says the store has gotten multiple rushes already, but also adds busy is fun, and parents bring a positive vibe to the store.

Parents weekend is a really big weekend for us and its really important and really fun,” Haake shared.

The centerpiece of family weekend is football.

The big game against Washington tomorrow night is a sellout and begins at 7.