Hikers have a new spot in Cochise County to explore. The Amerind Museum added 15 new trails to their property to give hikers a chance to see the Dragoon Mountains up close.

Im so excited to be able to share this place with the public,” President and CEO of the Amerind Foundation, Eric Kaldahl said. “I actually live here at the Amerind, so I get to see this beautiful landscape and its something Ive always wanted to share with more people and the entire community.

The museum is opening eight miles of new trails on its property. The tails were designed to be in a loop pattern so people can choose the distance they want to walk. Kaldahl said the trails were made to be easy to moderate to make them more accessible.

Our trails are about the day hiker,” he said. “You want to come and you want to spend part of your morning or afternoon with us.

Max Finch Stutes, owner of Hidden Oasis, 2 miles from the Amerind, said this project has been something the community has been waiting for.

(It) could not have happened soon enough, she said. The Dragoon area was Apache Country. And the beauty is that people can now come from the outside and get to experience it.”

The project took three years to complete, with most of the time spent collecting funds.

The funding for this project all came from our community,” Kaldahl said. “We were fundraising for it. The project cost us a quarter of a million dollars. And we are so grateful for everybody in our community who stepped up and helped us make it possible.

The trails officially open on Saturday. Kaldahl said the trails will be closed during the hottest months of the year as a safety precaution. He reminds people to be prepared for hiking, despite the weather cooling down.

Things to keep in mind if you come out to hike at the Amerind, be a smart hiker. Bring your water, bring your sun protection, have sensible shoes. Youre going to be out in the wilderness.