Questions regarding the nitric acid spill on I-10 in February remain within the community.

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The Pima County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday with an agenda item to go over the final report of the spill.

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No action was taken by the board because the final report has not been released.

There were 19 agencies involved in the nitric acid spill and the County Administrator, Jan Lesher, said they are still working on public release of the report.

The text regarding possibly sensitive information has not been redacted on the reportthe main reason discussed during the meeting for not being released yet.

Supervisor Steve Christy had concerns about the report not being ready for public release and Administrator Lesher said she will be working with the board to decide what information, if any at all, needs to be redacted.

During the call to the audience, community members brought up concerns regarding the spill.

Where are the medical reports of those who have been affected from being inches and only a few feet from the semi? How many of the first responders went to the hospital with difficulties breathing, burning eyes, skin and rashes? That is missing on the report, and we demand answers, said Anastasia Tsatsakis.

Heres what was released in a summary at the end of April:

Scene remained active for 27 hours   Reported more than 3,500 gallons of nitric acid were spilled   Spill is contained, no reported environmental impact  No deaths or injuries reported in result of the nitric acid  Moved dirt during the spill to help slow the spill 

Administrator Lesher said she hopes to have the report released within the next 24 to 48 hours.