The first full week of the George Alan Kelly trial concluded Friday.

Kelly is charged with the second-degree murder of a migrant on his property in Santa Cruz County, early in 2023.

Only one witness testified; Rick Wyant, a forensic scientist called by the state.

Wyant said the wound was consistent with what he would expect from a bullet fired from an AK-47 from over 100 yards away.

He flew in from Seattle to testify.

You can watch today’s court proceedings in full here and here.

Wyant tested George Alan Kellys gun to see if it would be lethal and accurate from the distance the state said he fired from last summer, and said the states argument was physically possible.

But in cross examination, Wyant confirmed to the defense he could not definitively determine the bullet came from Kellys gun. This is because the bullet has not been found.

Kelly’s lawyers also said Wyant did not account for obstacles between the alleged shooter Kelly and the migrant victim in his tests.

Wyant also confirmed the wound could have been caused by other types of full metal jacket bullets than the casings found on Kelly’s patio.

Wyant was the only witness of the day and court will be back in session next Tuesday, April 2.