This week most of Southern Arizona stuck to the nineties for the highs. Tucson got to a high of 96 today, but Sierra Vista barely escaped the nineties with a high of 89 degrees.

Southern Arizona did see some wind today. Tucson had wind speeds that were pretty consistently at 10 miles per hour while Sierra Vista saw wind that was 8 miles per hour. Douglas had wind speeds that were as high as 20 miles per hour!

The lows are not going to escape the sixties tomorrow as Tucson sees a low of 62 degrees. Some part of the metro area like Vail and Green Valley will see 59 degrees though. That is going to be pretty similar to Sierra Vista and Bisbee which will be seeing 58 degrees for the low.

The high in Tucson to start the week tomorrow will begin with 99. Ajo will also be at 99 degrees. All the cities in Cochise County will also see the nineties. Sierra Vista, Benson, Willcox, and Bowie will see a high of 92 degrees.

However, Tucson could be seeing some triple-digit weather starting on Tuesday and Wednesday at 101 degrees. Those chances come back on Saturday, which could also see 101 degrees.

Sierra Vista will stick to the nineties for the whole week with the lowest being on Friday at 90 degrees.



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