The city of Tucson placed clear-out notices on structures in Zone One of the 100-Acre Wood homeless encampment.

They were put up on Tuesday and say the people living here have 72 hours to vacate.

You think youre going to come in here and force someone out of their home, and theres not going to be a reaction, youre wrong,” one man living in the encampment said about the notices.

The notices claim services have been offered to the people living here, but many said they plan on simply moving to a different part of the park.

Another part of the encampment is in the clear for now.

Cece Con says has been living there for a few months.

She built a compound, and it even has a solar panel, so she can get electricity.

Were a part of the community, whether you like it or not. And we need to be treated as such,” Con said.

Con says the beginning of the clear-out is concerning as she claims the city told homeless people over the years to go to the park instead of being in the street.

I trusted them, and here we are,” Con said.

The city is planning for a clean-up of Zone One on May 23, and previously said they plan to clear out the entire encampment.