Stephanie Brown sat in her office on Tuesday as it was raining outside, and from the Onin Staffing building in Midtown, she could see the flooding outside.

The water came across the right lane and into the plaza her office is in. When cars rushed by, the water would splash at least 11 feet into the plaza.

Thats why many of the bikers and pedestrians had to avoid the bike lane.

However, less people were also going into the plaza itself, Brown saying when it rains they dont see as much foot traffic.

Foot traffic slows down. Sometimes we get people that come in for a little bit of shelter, but ya it does impact the foot traffic, Brown said.

The next building over in the same plaza at Specialists Inc., the store manager Ramsses Castro was also seeing that flooding in the afternoon. He said usually it goes away within 30 minutes, but the flooding does make the day slow for them because of the traffic buildup.

Traffic gets backed up, so a lot of people dont even pull in. Theyd rather just keep on driving by because everything gets pretty stuffed up out there. Traffic gets pretty bad, Castro said.