IN THE VIDEO PLAYER: Previous coverage from March days before Flowers and Bullets purchased the land for their Midtown Farm.

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) The nonprofit Flowers and Bullets serves as a resource for the Barrio Centro community. At the heart of the community is their Midtown Farm.

Every day it’s open to the public for gardening and provides an outdoor space with livestock. The members of the nonprofit hold classes for the community to learn about agriculture in the desert.

Flowers and Bullets have received support from the community in the 10 years they’ve been renting the land that used to be the Julia Keen Elementary school. They purchased the property from Tucson Unified School District in March and are now celebrating their accomplishments.

On Saturday, May 20, Flowers and Bullets is holding a community celebration with activities for kids, community resources, local DJs, vendors and food. The event will be held from 4 PM- 9:30 PM at 3538 E. Ellington Pl. The first 100 people at the event will receive free vouchers for food.

The founder of Flowers and Bullets, Tito Romero, said this event is “to celebrate our hard work in the community and our achievements for the past decade. It’s also to celebrate our recent purchase. This will be a great time to hear about our plans with the space and write down ideas and suggestions.”

In previous interviews, Romero and other members shared their plans for the restoration and rehabilitation of part of the school. They shared the reason for these plans was to keep the memory of the school alive.

Alfonso Chavez, a member of Flowers and Bullets, said, “This will be a community celebration to honor the school, land, and hard work that has gone into it over the years. There will be activities, vendors, and speakers without.”

The group is excited to build and maintain close relationships with the community.