Getting into her car, Aletha Kalish was already worried when she drove down Alvernon towards Skyline. She also gets that same feeling when she walks her dog in the area.

With cars whipping past her, its easy for her to remember when she was in a car accident on another road when she was younger.

I was in pedestrian, car pedestrian accident many many years ago and I dont want to do that again, Kalish said.

She feels like if the County put a blinking stop sign and speed tables on a few parts of Alvernon, it could slow cars down as they approach the intersection.

Get people to slow down so they know there is a stop sign coming, she said.

That stop sign is right at the intersection of both roads. There are also yield signs across the street alerting cars.

However, it appears that a car went through a wall near that very same intersection. Rubble from the wall litters the ground, even extending about twenty feet past the wall.

Its something that worries Kalish, especially because she said its not the first time this has happened.

I know of 2 or 3 just in the last year. In fact, I believe they just patched the wall a few weeks ago, she said.

KGUN9 News reporter Andrew Christiansen reached out to the Pima County Sheriffs Department and they did not get back to him with an answer as to whether it was a crash and whether there have been other crashes there in the past. However, they said they would look into it.

Its a situation that Rubin Landau is also worried about. Christiansen first spoke to Landau about two weeks ago about cars speeding in the area.

Its absolutely terrifying. I mean those of us who ride in this neighborhood , who ride on Skyline or up and down Alvernon, and we often see cars going 60 miles an hour, Landau said.

Landau said he feels like more stop signs on Alvernon could help lower the amount of crashes in the area.

Stopping the cars midway would certainly help. I often come down this way in my car and one cant look far enough up the hill because these cars can be coming down at very high rates of speed, he said.