Food lovers in Oro Valley are going to love this a food truck park is coming to Oro Valley later this year.

On January 10, the Oro Valley Town Council approved a zoning amendment to allow for mobile food parks which is expected to be located near the Target on North Oracle just off of Pusch View Lane.

One of the first businesses in the park will be Fork and Fire. Co-owner Jason Bishop said, “I think its a great opportunity, I think its a great opportunity for this area.”

He helps to run the BBQ food truck turned restaurant located in the Oro Valley Marketplace along with his brother and another business partner. They also own and operate Wildfire Wing Company near North Oracle.

Since opening their first restaurant in 2022, these days he says the food truck is mostly on the road for large events.

“I always thought food trucking was the most fun thing we ever did in the restaurant space.”

But following the news of a mobile food court coming to Oro Valley, he’s excited to be one of the first options for residents.

“A cool experience to, number one, see that get approved,” he said. “But number two, to kind of be on the ground level of it. Being wanted to be a part of that feels really good.”

Those feelings from Bishop are something Wow Wow Lemonade General Manager Ryan Laird agrees with.

He helps operate the specialty lemonade franchise alongside his dad and sister and believes their unique offering of refreshing lemonade will work perfectly with the other food trucks in the park.

“We see a lot of people ordering big meals that, for example, Fork and Fire, things like burger places, or like sushi or whatever, and when they order food theyll come and get lemonade from us,” he said.

The two people responsible for getting this initiative together, Joshua and Majesta Bassett, hope to begin construction sometime towards the end of the summer.