As Leslie Ervin pedaled down The Chuck Huckelberry Loop near Craycroft and Fort Lowell last weekend, bicyclists that are amateur racers and cyclists on drop bars sped past him.

A lot of time I see the racers weaving in and out of people, Ervin said.

He said a lot of kids who are just learning to ride are having to avoid bicyclists who are speeding on the Loop. He said many of the people who are speeding are going over 20 miles an hour and are sometimes a pace line of cyclists.

Ervin said hes seen two accidents on the Loop.

The Loop doesnt have an official speed limit but there is a sign with guidelines that tells cyclists to slow down or stop if needed.

The County said their staff is regularly on the Loop but do not check peoples speeds. They say cyclists shouldnt be putting people in danger on the Loop.

The County said theyre always evaluating the Loop. They said if you want to give any feedback, they do have a survey.

Marek Zreda also lives in the Foothills like Ervin and rides on the Loop every single day. He said the Loop is safe to ride on and hasnt had any problems.

I have not experienced any dangerous situations and I dont see many people doing crazy things, Zreda said.

However, Ervin feels like the County should put up a speed limit and enforce it.

If you slowed the racers down out here, thered be less of a chance of hurting someone as they ride by, he said.