The La Paloma Country Club in the Foothills is hosting the Cologuard Classic Golf Tournament for the first time!

The country clubs general manager William Mattrey has already been seeing hundreds of people so far, but said there will be more people coming soon.

Once the tournament starts, well be about anywhere from about seven to nine thousand people a day, Mattrey said.

Mattrey said people going to the tournament have also booked up the Westin Hotel on the same property, making it hard for people to get a room for a few days.

The tournament is also helping Foothills vendors and sponsors who are at the tournament.

All kinds of vendors out here who are helping us, so there is a long list of folks helping us, Mattrey said.

Incas Peruvian Cuisine in the Foothills is already seeing more people coming in because of the tournament.

Its owner Fatima Campos has been seeing up to seventy percent more customers this week, many of which she said are coming from all around the world.

She said so many extra customers have easily doubled the restaurants profits, especially because the restaurant is so close to the tournament and hotels.

We have a very good relationship with those places and they send us a lot of new customers, Campos said.

She said people visiting Tucson have been helping to boost not just her business sales, but also those in Tucson and around her.

Especially local businesses, small businesseswe have a lot of support, she said.