Making a healthy bowl with chia seeds and fruit, owner of Everbowl Maria Pacheco reflected on last summer. It was her first year in business and summer came quickly after she opened last April.

It was a slow summer that resulted in at least half of their customer base leaving.

We didnt think much of it being slow because a lot of people didnt really know about Everbowl, Pacheco said.

This year shes already noticed slower business since schools let out a few weeks ago. However, her regular customers are helping her business.

But sometimes it feels like thats all were getting in the store, she commented.

Pacheco has expanded past her brick-and-mortar building and has sold at pop-up markets and school events like carnivals. However, since its almost officially summer, school has let out and there arent as many events outside.

Its just really hot. Nobody really wants to do anything, but there are still a few things here and there that we can get into, she said.

Pacheco has expanded to fundraisers and places like the sheriffs department and fire department. Its something she advises new businesses to do.

Community outreach, as much as possible. I think that the biggest, the best thing you can do for a starting business, is get out there into the community, she said.

A few miles away and also in the Foothills, Henry Sarnoff, owner of Sarnoff Art and Framing, and his daughter Erica Sarnoff have been reaching out to artists in the community.

Its great to hear what theyre thinking of doing and bringing in. Its a time to connect, Erica said.

Theyve been in business for the past 30 years and traditionally see less customers from the end of May to mid-August.

If you are prepared for it then its something you know is coming, Erica said.

Sarnoff said sometimes they have stronger sales during the summer than fall.

However, during slower summers, she feels like its also an opportunity to connect with more customers, get ready for later seasons, and work on big projects.

It gets your creativity going, and the best part is getting the customers creativity going, she said.