If you’re interested in owning your own western town, have we got a deal for you: The Gammons Gulch movie set in Cochise County is for sale.

The little replica ‘old-west’ town functions as both a movie set and event space. Located 13 miles north of Benson, it’ll set the buyer back $1.2 million.

Earlier this week I took a trip to Gammons Gulch in Cochise County to see it for myself.

“I mean just look at this place,” real estate agent Waco Starr says. “I mean who wouldn’t want this?”

Waco Starryes that IS his real nameis the listing agent.

“This is your life, you get to do this everyday,” says Starr. “Be a cowboy, gunslinger, sheriff, saloon operator.”

For just over a million dollars, the buyer will get handed a real Wild West experience. There are two saloons, and a jail with two cells.

“We have 17 functional buildings, 20 facades, they’re all completely furnished. So, production company comes in they don’t have to set deck, they just come in and start using the stuff,” says General Manager John Marrs.

There have been dozens and dozens of feature films shot at Gammons Gulch.

During our visit, we even saw a several actors shooting scenes for a movie this week.

Gammons Gulch was the idea of Jay Gammons. He grew up around Old Tucson and John Wayne, with his father working security for the legendary actor.

“He just had a dream that he wanted to build his own town,” says owner Joanne Gammons.

That dream started coming to fruition after finding this land in 1972.

“Eventually, before we knew it, we had a whole town. Since we didn’t have any place else to live we moved into the hotel.”

Jay Gammons is now in a memory care facility.

KGUN 9 did a story with Jay in 2017. Joanne tells me it has been a difficult decision to sell Jay’s western town.

Gammons Gulch: An old west town with only two residents

“On one sidea big relief,” Joanne reflects on the decision to sell. “On the other side, I’ll really miss it. A little bit of both, you know, but it’s time.”

The hope is that someone buys Gammons Gulch and continues to operate it as a movie location and an events center. That means marketing the property nationally, and even internationally.

“You never know if you needed a 10 acre old-western town ready for movies and events and tours,” says Starr. “So if you’re out there, give me a call.”

Waco Starr says he has received a lot of calls inquiring about Gammons Gulch, but no offers yet.