A malfunction in some Ford F-150 pickup trucks could cause drivers to lose control, prompting a recall affecting 870,701 of the automaker’s top-selling vehicles. 

The recall covers F-150 trucks from 2021 through 2023 with single exhaust systems in which a rear wiring bundle may contact the rear axle housing.

According to documents posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Friday, this contact can cause the truck’s wiring to short circuit, which can unintentionally activate the electric parking brake while a person is driving.

Drivers may see the parking brake warning light and a message in their vehicle’s  dashboard, even if they haven’t activated the brake.

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Ford has received 918 warranty claims and three field reports in North America from August 2021 to July 2023. Of those, 299 reported unintended electric parking brake activation, with 19 happening while driving, though the company said it wasn’t aware of any accidents or injuries occurring because of the recall. 

Ford said it will start notifying vehicle owners by mail on Sept. 11. Owners will be instructed to take the affected trucks to a dealer to fix the wiring issue free of charge, as long as the remedy is done before Sept. 11 of next year. 

The company has issued multiple recalls within the last few months, including for an air bag issue in other F-Series cars and a seat belt issue in some Broncos

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