After a quick exit from Afghanistan over two years ago, Ahmad Naeem Wakili is now living here in Tucson, Arizona on the Eastside of town.

He’s able to enjoy time with his family and two little ones in a safe space. It’s a stark difference from when he took on the Taliban and was the target of several attacks.

“Finally, I got my approval,” Wakili said. “We are doing good. I’m taking care of my family, my wife, my kids.”

Since his story first aired in August, his asylum by the U.S. government has been granted. While he’s happy with his new life, he still thinks often of his family left behind. Especially his sister who’s just 21-years-old.

“The Taliban has a different policy right now, they want to marry young girls to their military,” Wakili said. “I (helped the) U.S. people for a long time in (its) Afghanistan operation. Now, I’m going to request one more time, if it’s possible, please help my family…leave Afghanistan.”