The turmoil at the border has left some people whod like to stay in Mexico leaving it just to protect themselves. Now a former Congressman has used his connections to get people to safety.

Our reporters have been telling you how a terrible war among cartel factions has brought danger to Sasabe, Mexico but now we are here to tell you about how a former Congressman was able to use his current connections to help get some people out of danger there.

Video shot from the U.S. side of the border does not really bring home the violence and danger in Sasabe, Sonora.

Cartels who use bullets and brutality as routine tools of the trade, have turned them on each other with peaceful villagers caught in the crossfire.

Former Congressman Ron Barber says And there’s a house that’s been burned because of some problem with cartels. There’s a young boy who was shot and killedjust a civilian and people are fleeing as best they can, but the cartels have trapped them there by blocking off the roads going out of Sasabe. So they’re seeking refuge wherever they can get it. 19:30:31 runs:19

Barber says a Samaritan group trying to help people in Sasabe told Barber about a woman in danger of becoming a special target, Barber says years of government service gave him the connections to help.

I first started working on border issues, when I worked for Gabby Giffords, when she was in office and then when I became the Congressperson after she resigned, I continued that focus. I was on my Homeland Security Committee in the House. And that allowed me access to a lot of people that I’ve still have relationships with. So for me if I can help connect, people who need assistance, are fearful with the right authorities in our country. That’s my job as I see it.

He contacted a senior CBP official who agreed the danger to the woman qualified her and her family for humanitarian parole into the U.S. but Barber says she wants to go home to Mexico when Sasabe is safe.