With the summer sun set to bake in Arizona, runners on track teams often go to train in cooler climates.

This weekend on the west side you can play a round of golf and support local student athletes traveling to running camps.

A former Pima Community College athlete, Art Menchaca, is hoping to offset those costs with a golf fundraiser at El Rio Golf Course.

Menchaca said he started a camp, the Menchaca Camp at the Edelweiss Resort in Greer, AZ, in honor of his late track coach Jim Mielke, who passed away last year.

I wanted to pay it forward for him, so I decided to start this running camp for local runners,” Menchaca said. “To also give them the opportunity to train in high altitude, a nice place, and to get the mileage in.

Golf starts just after seven in the morning and the cost is $90 a player.

You can also donate any amount online.