New allegations suggest former President Donald Trump pressured former Governor Doug Ducey to overturn Arizona’s vote in the 2020 Presidential Election.

According to the Washington Post, Trump reportedly called Ducey to speak about the more than 10,000 votes he lost by.

Trump allegedly insisted if the state found enough voter fraud, it could swing the election in his favor. At the time, Ducey stated publicly he had spoken with to Trump, but didn’t specify what they talked about.

Sources familiar with the conversations say former Vice President Mike Pence called Ducey multiple times about the election. However those reports, as well as Pence himself, suggest those calls were not to place any pressure.

“States were engaging in appropriate reviews and these contacts were no more than that,” Pence said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign tells ABC news the allegations are part of “witch-hunts designed to interfere and meddle in the 2024 election.”

Trump is currently under investigation in Georgia, where he is also accused of meddling with the election. Trump denies those allegations as well.