On a day of remembering the message was clear from Maj. General Anthony Hale at Monday’s Memorial Day Ceremony.

To honor and to remember. Thats why we are here,” Hale said.

Multiple families, who lost a loved one in combat, were honored at this year’s event. Carla Rivera Lopez and her family sat in the front row as they were this year’s honorees to help with placing one of the two wreaths.

The wreaths were placed as a token of appreciation to all of the soldiers who lost their lives while serving.

This day is going to be one of a good memory,” Lopez said. “Just remembering we were given a gift in him and each person thats laying in this cemetery or across our nation has been a gift to us. And that we are proud to honor his memory and our nation.

Flags and crosses were placed on each of the tombstones in the cemetery. Hale shares stories of some fallen service members, including a Vietnam veteran from Sierra Vista.

America is forever indebted to its fallen heroes,” Hale said. “These patriots represent the best of us and they are the finest examples of sacrifice, valor and honor.

Lopez and Hale agree that the Memorial Day holiday allows the community to connect with each other and soldiers who lost their lives.