It’s no secret wars are fought differently now than decades ago. The advancement of technology has led to an increase in electronic and cyber warfare.

Fort Huachuca hosts different trainings throughout the year for soldiers. This week’s Vanguard event allows contractors to showcase the different technologies that can be used in electronic warfare.

We have been a major range test facility since the early 1950s,” Commanding General of the Intel Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca Maj. General Tony Hale said. “So what that does, with our terrain, with our electromagnetic spectrum.

“It allows us to do things here at Fort Huahcuca that you cant do other places in the continental United States.

Some of the technology on display were drones, jammers and computer systems.

More than 180 distinguished visitors were on site for the week-long event. They were members of the Army, other military branches and contractors.

Fort Huachuca, being surrounded by the Whestones, Chirichuas, and Huachuca mountains down in a bowl here in Sierra Vista,” Hale said. “We can shoot electrons in the electromagnetic spectrum without it bothering anyone in the community or outside the gates of Fort Huachuca.

Having soldiers from all branches of the military participate in the event and train on some of the equipment allows them to gain experience on the equipment before they are deployed in the field, and also lets them provide feedback and their thoughts on the technology.