Officials from Fort Huachuca and the Mayor of Sierra Vista signed the installation’s strategic plan. This is Fort Huachuca’s first strategic plan since 2015 and covers initiatives from now until 2030.

After several months in command I realized that we really needed to focus the entire installation and our community partners on what we Fort Huachuca wanted to be in support of the Army 2030 and beyond, Commanding General of the Intel Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca, Maj. General Tony Hale said.

The plan has four focus points: 1) sustainment of growth and modernization 2) infrastructure development 3) quality of life improvement and sustainment 4) personnel recruitment and talent management.

Hale said the brainstorming for the strategic plan began in October of last year and a meeting was held in late January with community partners, including the mayor of Sierra Vista.

Fort Huachuca is the number one DOD impact to the state of Arizona,” Hale said. “So what we do down here in southern Arizona really affects everyone. So thats why we wanted to bring the entire team together.

The major general said for him the last two pillars of the plan are the most important to him because they impact the people and soldiers directly. The reason Hale wanted to include city officials and community members is because he feels that they need to all work together since people who live on Fort Huachuca or work there also use the city businesses.

The plan the mayor of Sierra Vista, Maj. Genral Hale and Maj. General Christopher Eubank signed Monday morning lays out ideas and steps to be taken over the next seven years.