For artist like Brianna Pearch, the fourth avenue street fair helps her showcase her work on a different level.

“I do quite a few art shows, mainly in the southwest. But I’ve never done the Tucson one. And I’ve heard it’s good,” said Pearch, a self employed artist.

Pearch, who lives in Apache Junction, made the trip for the weekend to her first Fourth Avenue Street Fair.

And she is just one of many who hope to find the same success at the historic event.

“This is actually my third time doing this show. So, thats a good sign. Obviously, I like it enough to come back,” said Nicholas Baker, a Salt Lake City resident, who makes art for dot spectrum.

Baker’s success at his past few shows, including this weekends fair, means he will have to take a trip home before his next stop.

“But these two shows have been so good that I actually have to like run home and restock,” said Baker.

But the fair isn’t just known for its art, but also the different food vendors, one being Sierra Sweets.

“We did sell out yesterday. So we’re definitely happy with the sales that we’ve had this weekend,” said Rachel Barrett, an employee with Sierra Sweets.

The Cochise County area business also uses the event to get their name out to the Tucson area, in hopes of expanding on their current locations.