The seasonal opening of the Franklin Auto Museum is just a week away. Located in Midtown, at 1405 E. Kleindale Rd. near the intersection of Prince and Mountain, the museum is the proud home of the renowned Franklin automobile collection of Thomas H. Hubbard.

Bourke Runton, the museum’s director, highlighted the collection, saying, “This is a collection of antique cars, old oneswe start in 1905 and go to 1934. We have mostly Franklin automobiles, but we also have a model A Ford We have a Packard that has a lot of local history; it was owned by Isabella Greenway, and we have cars that we borrow and exhibit day to day too, so it’s a changing collection, and we have a stable collection.”

Visitors can expect to journey through automotive history, exploring classic and rare Franklin automobiles meticulously restored to showcase the engineering and craftsmanship of their era.

The museum is only open seasonally, opening to visitors between the fourth Wednesday in October through Memorial Day. This season is set to attract crowds eager to experience these historical treasures up close, further establishing Midtown as a must-visit destination for car enthusiasts.

The Franklin Auto Museum, which combines history with engineering expertise, is on the verge of becoming a sanctuary for auto fanatics. The ceremonial opening will honor the creativity and artistry that have developed the car industry.

General admission is $12, with discounted admission offered form seniors, students and teens. Kids under 12 are admitted for free.

Museum hours are Wednesdays – Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For more information, visit or call (520) 326-8038.