Tucson police are investigating a Friday morning homicide on the citys east side in the Rancho del Rincon neighborhood.

Police responded to a 911 call of a potential homicide around 10:14 Friday morning on King Manor Drive.

Details are still scarce, but neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for quite some time, say this type of thing never happens.

“Generally, this neighborhood is pretty quiet. Not much commotion,” said Veronica Burgess, who has lived in the neighborhood for six years.

It was just a normal Friday for Burgess. She said she was taking out her trash around 1 p.m. when she walked out to the crime scene, just a few doors from her home.

“I wanted to assume the best,” she said. “But I saw an officer walk into this home with a photography camera, and I just knew this cannot be good.”

Investigators spent more than 8 hours on the scene, many of them not leaving until around 6:15 Friday evening.

Crystal Kennedy is another neighbor who spoke with KGUN 9.

“When I pulled up and I saw all this, I was a little thrown back,” Kennedy said, who has lived on the street her entire life.

Kennedy says she didnt know the occupants of the house but had seen them around the neighborhood.

“Even if you werent close with them or didnt have that many conversations with them, its just a wave passing by,” she said.

Kennedy, Burgess and other neighbors were left in disbelief as investigators searched for answers.

“To just think I saw them yesterday and today theyre gone, its just hard to believe,” Burgess said. “Its crazy.”

KGUN 9 will provide additional information as it becomes available to the public.



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