One of the ways to keep pets healthy and reduce the number of homeless pets in Pima County is to get them fixed. Through Saturday, Friends of Pima County is hosting a free clinic to get pets fixed.

For Theo Martin, it’s important to keep his dog healthy. He rescued Petey about two months ago.

“I got a friend and he watches the house for me,” he said. “I gave this one a home because he needed a home.”

He said the vet costs are the most expensive part of having a dog and getting them fixed can be over $100.

“It’s more of the vet and healthcare stuff that costs the most, just like people,” she said.

One of the goals of this clinic is to help mitigate pet homelessness as this will help reduce the number of unwanted litters.

“For those instances where they can’t take care of those unwanted litters, it’s going to benefit the community greatly,” Romn Urias, the development and marketing specialist for Friends of PACC, said.

Friends of PACC’s goal is to fix over 165 pets throughout the three day clinic.