For the last 10 years, there’s a studio in town that gives kids a place to learn gymnastics, dance and ninja without the pressure of competition. Heart and Soul Kids was started by Deanna Sherman, a former competitive gymnast and Wildcat.

“I wanted a place where all levels of kids can feel welcome where competitive gymnastics wasn’t the focal point of the business,” she said. “I wanted the focal point to be the fun that the kids are having here and their happiness.”

The goal is to help young Tucsonans fall in love with movement and creating a healthy community in both body and mind. For kids like Max Gawne, he’s excited to learn about the different types of movement, especially gymnastics. He’s in a dance class now.

“When I figured out there was no gymnastics in hip-hop I was kind of upset because I missed it a lot,” Gawne said. “Hip hop is kind of like gymnastics you do tricks too.”

They have combination classes that allow students to learn gymnastics and dance in the same class. And these classes are available for kids as young as one year old.