How important is it to you to live by a gas station, grocery store or drug store? For one community, it’s been a long time coming to finally get a one-stop-shop that’s close and convenient.

Many may look at the Fry’s construction site off Lon Adams Road and Tangerine as no big dealbut to the community living in the Gladden Farms area in Marana, it’s a sight they’ve been waiting a long time to see.

“I walked by here four to five days a week in the morning,” Dianne Wrights said. “It’s too cold to go out real early, so I go a little later. And I look through the little tears in the wall.”

Dianne Wrights has been living in Marana for nearly a decade. She, like many people in the community, has wanted a grocery store to pop up close to where she lives.

“When we first moved here we didn’t have our coffee pots, so we had to go to the Circle K and buy coffee every morning,” Wrights said. “And then we had to find where the grocery stores were.”

While there were stores in driving distance, she was hoping for one she could walk to.

“When we came here years ago… We were told someday there would be a Fry’s store here and we’ve been waiting,” Wrights said.

The wait now finally almost over with the Fry’s scheduled to open their doors June of 2024. The area will also be getting a gas station, additional retail and food spots.