I thought this would be the right time of year to try another line of work where I could get some fresh air and a little sunshine before temperatures go from hot to blazing hot here in Tucson.

So I made my way to Pima Automotive at 4702 E. Pima St.but not to do the job you’d probably expect me to try out at an auto shop.

After making preparations to take on the heat and give myself some protection from the sun, I made my may out to the corner of Pima and Swan.

Drivers were friendly enoughafter some waved at me, I did have one burning question as my shift continued: Would anyone honk at me?

That question got answered pretty quickly.

This job wasnt too bad, especially after my new employers brought a fan and a big umbrella to help keep me cool.

With a personal AC unit and umbrella, I didn’t even need my beach hat.

The cars went by while I smiled and waved, not sure who I was shouting ‘hellos’ at since no one could hear me.

But I slowly started loosing energyand eventually took a seat.

So now, the final decision. You might be surprisedI certainly was:

At the end of the day, I was hiredbut I dont think you’ll see me out there anytime soon.

If you have a job you want me to try, send me an email at hiringheidi@kgun9.com.