Im excited for the moolah, 8-year-old Ezra Hernandez said.

He is one of 31 children participating in Palominas’ first Children’s Entreprenuer Market. Hernandez will be selling hot dogs and drinks at the event, with his business The Drink Shop.

I also want people to stay hydrated while they shop, he said.

For one Saturday for now the Palominas Farmer’s Market is opening up space for kids to sell their products. The items available include art, jewelry, food and crafts.

Kayla Van Soest, Tucson Market Manager for the Children’s Entrepreneur Market, said the event is designed to help kids with an idea grow their business and learn customer service skills.

“(It) just gives them the experience of owning and running their own business,” she said. “It is so valuable, especially for kids who are creative.”

Addison Brooks, owner of ABC: Addison’s Bright Creations, said she’s been preparing for Saturday’s event for weeks. She said she’s been working on crafts for seven hours a day to make sure she had enough inventory for the market.

No it doesnt really feel like another task,” Brooks said. “I kinda enjoy doing this. Its making me really happy that Im able to do this.

She has made earrings, ornaments, pour-painted letters and mugs to sell on Saturday.

I really like creating things and painting and stuff,” she said. “And my mom told me about this opportunity and I knew it was an opportunity I couldnt pass.

Brooks is happy a market like this is available close to hope because it’s going to help her, and others, a chance to meet people and grow their business.

It give kids a chance for their creations to come to life and it gives them some fun activities to do and it gives them a nice memory to hold on forever, she said.

Brooks is hoping to save her profits for college and her dream car.

Both she and Hernandez know they have to repay the people who helped them get the supplies to start their business, before they can keep it.

“It’s kinda like a loan from the bank but it’s a loan from my mom,” Hernandez said. “She’s going to help me pay for a lot of stuff, so I’m going to give her money back.

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market will be held Saturday from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. at 10164 AZ Hwy 92, Hereford.