The Garden District Neighborhood Association is looking to bring their concerns to the City of Tucson surrounding flooding in the neighborhood. The wash feeding into the parking lot of Zaynas Mediterranean Restaurant floods the parking lot and Belvedere Avenue.

Water and debris build up in the parking lot and then flow into the neighborhood. The Garden District Neighborhood Association wants change, and Zaynas Mediterranean Restaurant is on board.

The restaurant has served the Tucson area for 18 years.

The owner moved to this location on Belvedere off Speedway because business was growing and they needed a bigger parking lot.

The parking lot ended up being a bigger issue than they had expected.

So on a day that its flooding it usually comes from the south and it fills up the wash first and then it goes down through our parking lot and then goes down Belvedere to the north, said manager Heather Smith.

The Garden District has been meeting with Smith in support of building a change plan.

We’ve been in contact with them meeting, having some discussion about what we can do as a group with a bigger voice and then possibly going to the city and talking with them.

The restaurant is hoping for change because of how the flooding affects business. She has to ask customers to move their cars sometimes when its raining.

A lot of the time the wash fills up so fast that its already two feet its almost to their car. So thats one of our main concerns, but another concern is the actual debris hitting their cars.

She said shes seen mattresses, trash cans, and even tree logs floating through the parking lot.

Water sometimes gets into the restaurant, but the parking lot is the main issue.

We also have to go through it with our vehicles in the back. We have to make sure not to park in the direct wash area and we have to park around it. We have to use the bridge too, so its really inconvenient and it can be a safety issue too, she said.

The Garden District Neighborhood Association is asking anyone else that has any concerns to share them. Theyre hoping to bring these concerns to the city to find a solution ahead of the monsoon.