Many Tucsonans choose to live on the west side for the access to nature and great views, but unfortunately sometimes those views are ruined by trash.

So, armed with their buckets and trash grabbers, the Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association (GPANA) headed out to clean up their streets.

Its just very disheartening to see all the trash pile up again,” Neighborhood Association President Donna Snyder said, as the group often is cleaning up on Speedway.

The GPANA was formed in 1988 and works to advocate for the concerns of community members.

During this community clean-up, everything from spoons and cups to beer cans are picked up.

They say most of the trash comes from drivers throwing things out of their windows and into the neighborhood.

A lot of people will drink little bottles of alcohol and throw out the plastic bottles,” Denise Garland said.

Also among the days finds are a piece of a car and even a garbage disposal.

By the end of the walk, their buckets are full and emptied into communal bags to take to the dump.

On April 13, the association will be out on the roads again, this time doing a cleanup on Speedway and Camino de Oeste.

To visit the Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association’s website, click here.