Police in Germany are warning residents to limit time outside after an apparent lion was seen running near the outskirts of Berlin.

Authorities said they were alerted by multiple people overnight who said they’d seen what appeared to be a big cat chasing a wild boar just outside Berlin city limits. Some of the informants also provided video evidence. Upon examination, police determined the animal was a lioness.

Helicopters, drones, and infrared cameras are being used to survey the area where the animal was seen, but the search was still ongoing as of Thursday afternoon.

“The escaping wild animal has NOT been found yet,” the Brandenburg Police Department said on Twitter. “We still ask you not to leave the house.”

Veterinarians and hunters are also aiding in search efforts, and warning alerts were issued in the Teltow, Kleinmachnow, and Stahnsdorf areas.

“We ask the population in the areas mentioned to act with appropriate caution and to avoid staying in the adjacent forest areas,” authorities said in a press release. “If you see the animal, seek shelter immediately and call the emergency number 110 to inform the police.” 

Officials say they’ve also reached out to local zoos, circuses, and animal protection facilities, but none of them have reported a missing big cat. Police suspect it may have come from someone who was keeping it as a pet.

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