Tucson Unified School District is reminding parents they can get free clothes for their kids.

Students can get five shirts, three shorts or pants and one pair of shoes at the Duffy Clothing Bank on 5th and Magnolia.

Moms say the bank is a god-send, especially as other needs for their families are getting more expensive.

This has been a blessing to say the least, because my kidsman, are they growing, Raven Anderson said.

Anderson adds when she comes to get new clothes, she donates the ones that don’t fit anymore. That helps keep the donation-run bank’s inventory full, while helping her kids.

She adds it’s seemingly the one place in town where prices arent rising.

I spend more on food now than anything, and its a lot,” Anderson said.

Running the bank day to day is Kristi Olbert.

I dont sometime see this as a job just because I love doing it so much,” Olbert said.

She says many TUSD families dont know shes here to help.

Our team is amazing and very welcoming. We just want to give you what you need for your kiddos to thrive, Olbert said.

She says many parents can be hesitant to ask for assistance.

Judith Lares said even after her house burned down, she was embarrassed to come to the clothing bank.

Lares now encourages any parents facing a hardship to advocate for themselves.

I had never been in the position of asking for something. I found out its not that bad, Lares said.

The Duffy Bank only runs off of donations. Right now there is a major need for men’s clothes.

You can donate any time the bank is open: check the hours here on the bank’s webpage.

Duffy Clothing Bank is located at 655 N. Magnolia Ave.