An 11-year-old boy from Gilbert is turning a disappointing situation into one of hope. He hosted a lemonade stand to raise money after someone stole his bike.

The center of Hector Montoya’s attention is a beach cruiser he spray-painted black.

“I felt kind of good because of the wind that blows while I am riding it, said Montoya. “I had fun riding it when I first got it and started riding it more because it was easier than my other bike.”

When Montoya got home from school Tuesday, he noticed his bike was gone.

“I got confused. I checked the patio and noticed it wasn’t there. So, I asked my mom if she had done anything with it. She said no, said Montoya.

Montoya wasn’t sour for long. In fact, he had a sweet idea prompting his mom to pick up some lemons to host a lemonade stand.

“It was my idea because I wanted to raise some money to get a new bike, said Montoya. “When I get a job, I am going to have to talk to a lot of people, so, I want to start getting the experience of seeing how it is to talk to people.”

Montoyas mom posted her sons plan on social media. She said the fundraiser would happen on Thursday if the stolen bike was not returned by then.

After giving the thief 24 hours to bring back the bike, Montoya and his parents moved forward with their plan to raise money for a new one courtesy of the lemonade stand.

“I feel great. I feel happy. I am excited just because this was his idea, said Daniella Bernal, the boys mom.

People lined up to give outside the family’s apartment near Gilbert and Guadalupe roads.

“I feel good because I am getting a lot of donations and selling lemonade, said Montoya.

Montoya was selling the lemonade at one dollar a cup. Some gave $5 or $20. When one person got her cup, she went home and returned with $100.

“To help him get his bike, but also because of his heart,” said Jen Velez. “He did not only want to buy his bike. He also knows now what it is like to lose a bike and he wanted to get a bike for someone else.”

“I really appreciate it because I am able to get a bike, said Montoya. He said he plans to help others get a bike since he raised more than his goal of $150.

“Because I know other people are struggling in life and some people don’t have a car to get to school, said Montoya.

Montoyas mom said Thursday night, her son had counted $376 from the lemonade stands proceeds.