Brock Purdy’s road to being a starting QB on Super Bowl Sunday was an unlikely one that even Holywood hasn’t written. Before he was a star on Sundays, he grew up in the Phoenix metro area and graduated from Perry High School in Gilbert.

“It’s a surreal feeling and you can’t believe that’s Brock Purdy,” his former coach, Preston Jones, told ABC15.

Purdy was drafted last in the 2022 NFL Draft. Many times, the final pick struggles to even make the roster of an NFL team let alone ever see the field. However, Purdy not only made the cut, but he’s now the starter of the San Francisco 49ers and will be center stage this Sunday in Super Bowl LVIII.

Katie Cambra, who taught Purdy in high school, said, “What everyone has been seeing at Perry, the world is starting to see.”

Purdy has stood out as one of the best QBs all season, throwing for 4,280 yards and 31 touchdowns during the regular season.

Coach Jones saw the talent in Purdy early on, but it’s his work ethic and character off the field that stood out. He calls Purdy “the epitome of what you want to lead a football team.”

Tracy Gibson, who was Purdy’s economics teacher, agrees.

“Brock puts so much effort into being a better human. That’s what makes him stand out,” she said.

Now, as Purdy gets ready to play in the biggest sporting event of the year, his former teachers and coaches back home are cheering him on as 49ers fans.

“I’m so proud of the kid!” Coach Jones said.

“He makes the City of Gilbert, East Valley, and the whole state of Arizona proud,” said Gilbert resident Mark Arellano, who organizes weekly ‘Brock Parties’ to support the local QB. “It’s a great story. That’s something that the country needs to see. If you dream big enough, if you have a passion to do something in life, go for it.”