New state funding is hoping to bridge the gap for low income students in high school. The funding would give them access to college dual enrollment classes.

“I took English writing 101, which is a Pima College class,” Hector Guzman said. “The classes here that are dual enrollment, they are very helpful because they help you get credit for college and you’re able to save time and money and it just helps you get used to college life and how things are going to be in college.”

Guzman, a 2023 Pueblo High School graduate, is going into college with several classes under his belt. It’s all thanks to the dual enrollment courses offered at high schools across Arizona.

“I know my son who did it two years ago, he went… in with over 35 credits,” Allison Pratt said.

According to the Helios Education Foundation, while many students have access to dual enrollment, the lack of funds has made it a challenge for them to participate.

Their research shows less than a quarter of Arizona high school students take a dual enrollment course.

“There is an upwards of $15 million available to help subsidize and pay for dual enrollment courses for low income students who have had these barriers of getting access to them historically,” Paul Luna, CEO of Helios Education Foundation said.

Students who qualify will be able to get reimbursed for college credit up to $600. All they have to do is take the test to get into the dual enrollment class.

“It was quite easy,” Guzman said. “The tests you could take at various times, so that made it easy for students to be able to retake their tests and score better and be placed in the class.”

If you’re interested in having your student participate in the dual enrollment program, contact your school. Helios has also released this webinar online, explaining the dual enrollment process here in Arizona.