Swifties will be headed to Taylor’s version of Glendale to celebrate her newest concert tour this week! City officials announced Monday that they would be temporarily changing the name of the city to Swift City in honor of Taylor Swift.The 12-time Grammy award-winning music icon will be kicking off her ‘Eras’ tour at State Farm Stadium on March 17 and 18.”We want people to know Glendale, AZ – we are the sports and entertainment district not just in the valley but in the State of Arizona,” explains Glendale Mayor Jerry Weirers.We spoke with Mayor Weirers Monday, shortly after he announced the city would temporarily change its name.”I couldn’t be more proud to be the mayor of the city that’s done such an incredible job – if you look at 10 years ago and then look at today, it’s almost a tale of two different cities with the same name.”The City of Glendale tells ABC15 they’re expecting potentially 70,000 people each day to cram into State Farm Stadium for the concerts – which would be similar to what we saw on Super Bowl Sunday (the City adds that exact tickets sales information is only known by the tour company at this point, not the City.)Even if you’re not going to one of the highly anticipated shows, Swift’s imprint will be apparent throughout the city.Glendale officials say freeway billboards will be lit up with festive messages and Westgate Entertainment District businesses will be offering themed menus and fun to celebrate.”A lot of bars and restaurants in our area will be offering Taylor Swift-themed menu items,” explains Jessica Mensch, a self-professed “Swiftie” who also works for the City of Glendale. “The Lola will have themed cocktails. Lumberjaxes Axe Throwing bar will have specials for Swifties so it’s not just a party in the stadium — it’s a party throughout our entire sports and entertainment district.”And the City of Glendale isn’t done yet. Despite having parted ways with the Coyotes, the state’s largest hotel opens here later this year. Mattel Adventure Park promises more family fun. And in 2024, you can slam dunk right alongside the NCAA Men’s Final Four.”I think as we keep adding things on and making people understand that the thought people had of being a “Hickville” 40 years ago, we’re not,” says Mayor Weirers. “We’re not. And I would put up anything we have in Glendale against any other city in the state and a lot of other states.”