Preliminaries for the Scripps National Spelling Bee have already begun, with the nation’s most talented young spellers battling it out to see who has what it T-A-K-E-S to be the best of the best.

In the meantime, Google Trends, a website that analyzes top queries on the Google search engine, has released its top spelling searches by state, so far, in 2023. The results, depending on what state you hail from, vary.

Searched words run the gamut. In New Mexico, the most sought after spelling was for the word “miscellaneous.” In Maine it was “quiet” and in Oregon it was “police.”

In Arizona, the word most searched for so far this year was not so much a word, but a name: “George.”

Why George? Google Trends does not provide that information. But it does seem to be the only name amid a sea of 50 searched words, including “beautiful” (Alaska), “quarter” (New York), “pyramid” (Texas), “vicious” (Florida) and “resume” (Washington).

Other facts provided by Google Trends for 2023:

The most searched “when to use” word is “too” in the U.S. The most “difference between” words were “affect” and “effect.” The top “is it…or….” words were “spelled” or “spelt.” The most searched “another word for” word was “important.” Most searched definition: Gaslighting