The Republican-led House Oversight Committee released new findings on Wednesday as it investigates the finances of President Joe Biden’s family. 

Although the committee claimed that its findings found that members of the Biden family used their influence overseas, the committee has yet to find any wrongdoing by President Biden. 

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., said his committee traced $10 million in payments from foreign nationals and companies to the Biden family and their companies. He claimed that members of Bidens family were peddling their influence when Biden was vice president under President Barack Obama. 

The committee found that Biden’s relatives created over 20 companies during his vice presidential tenure. Comer claimed that the Biden family lacked transparency about its business deals, and that President Biden has not been truthful about his familys business practices.

Comer said the committee gained the information after it subpoenaed financial institutions. 

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While Comer claimed that actions by members of Bidens family, including son Hunter, were “unethical,” they were unable to make any criminal claims. The committee, however, did say that it wants to pursue legislation that would strengthen reporting requirements for the presidents and vice presidents families. 

“The committee is crafting legislative solutions aimed at deficiencies it has identified in ethics laws and disclosure laws for immediate family members of vice presidents and presidents,” Comer said. “These deficiencies potentially place American national security and American interests at risk.”

The committee’s findings come as federal prosecutors have investigated President Biden’s Hunter son since at least 2018. They are looking into whether he committed tax crimes and made false statements when purchasing a gun.

Investigators have considered charges for tax crimes and making false statements, but he has not been charged with any crimes. 

The White House has largely declined to comment on Hunter Biden’s investigation. 

Comer and committee said its investigation has reached a “new phase now that it is armed with information obtained in the bank records.”

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