A sweeping executive order by Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Wednesday bans the use of the popular social media app TikTok on any device used for official state work.

In her tenth executive order since taking the office of governor, Hobbs cites growing concerns over user data collection and security vulnerabilities by the Beijing-based app as the key reason behind the ban.

“This is a necessary step to ensure the protection of state data and reflects our commitment to keeping Arizonans safe,” Hobbs said. “My office is working closely with state entities to ensure this transition happens smoothly.”

The governor’s office says all state agencies have 30 days to comply with the order. No state-owned or state-leased technology will be allowed to access TikTok, including personal devices used to log into state systems.

The order further references similar steps taken by the U.S. federal government, as well as other states and organizations.

Read the full text of the ‘Protecting the State’s Cybersecurity Interests’ executive order online.

Arizona State University announced Monday it would be enacting a similar ban. University of Arizona officials told KGUN 9 the school “is already in full compliance with the Biden Administration’s guidance.”

Earlier Wednesday, Attorney General Kris Mayes announced an agency-wide TikTok ban within the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. That order would fall under the purview of the governor’s executive order, which was announced publicly shortly after.

“Data security is paramount, especially for government agencies that handle sensitive information,” said Mayes. “We cannot risk the potential exposure of our data to foreign entities”

On Feb. 27, the Biden Administration issued a memorandum for federal agencies and departments, including contractors, disallowing the app on government devices.