Arizona is working to expand its share of sophisticated new industries but that takes sophisticated workers at all levels. Governor Hobbs came to Pima Community College Monday to call attention to the states investment in technical education there.

When it comes to modern cars theres really a lot of high technology thats where Pima Community Colleges auto technology training comes in and now were talking about where courses like this fit in in the overall workforce for Arizona.

Governor Katie Hobbs toured PCCs auto tech center as a way to highlight the way the latest state budget infuses more cash into technical training. PCC got almost $1.7 million to train students for technical jobs, along with another $2 Million for general operations. Hobbs says its been eight years since PCC got any state money at all.

She says tech training is essential as Arizona works to expand its presence in industries like electric vehicles, batteries, computer chips and aerospace.

It’s a critical component that if we have the workforce, well continue to attract the companies and we’re building that advanced manufacturing ecosystem here. So this kind of training was really critical for that.

Zion Harris says a modern car is practically a rolling computer and his training at PCC will help him graduate soon, certified as a master technician.

Once I got into my junior year in high school, I joined the automotive program and that really sparked the getting into this career. It was choices between like Doctor or this, you know, and me being a hands-on learner. You know, I chose automotive, you know, it’s really interesting stuff to be honest.

He says the sophisticated setup at PCC helps him prepare to fix a wide range of cars and trucks.

Oh, it’s amazing. You know? A lot of good cars, you know, and a different variety of cars, you know, from newer to some older you know, so you get experience on the new and the old you know.

He says he already has job offers lined up as he works towards his goal of owning his own shop.