Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill Thursday that was targeted at preventing people from setting up encampments on public streets.

Senate Bill 1024 was introduced by Republicans aiming to stop people from setting up tents or any kind of living quarters on public streets and sidewalks.

“A person may not erect or maintain in a public street, highway, lane, parkway, sidewalk or other right-of-way… any full or partial enclosure for habitation, including a tent, tarp, box or similar object.” <b>Senate Bill 1024</b>

This is not the only active legislation that would require clean-ups of encampments. Senate Bill 1413, introduced by Republican Justine Wadsack, would require cities to clean these camps within 24 hours. That bill passed both the Senate and House and will head to Gov. Hobbs’ desk next.

The veto comes as Tucson is attempting to tackle the issue of encampments.

Just in December, the City of Tucson introduced a tool for residents to report such camps. The Homeless Encampment Protocol allows people to send a complaint when they see an encampment so the City can then take action, like doing clean-ups and providing outreach services.

Some locals have reported that the city is still not cleaning major encampments despite the use of the reporting tool.

Ahead of the gem show in February, three groups sued the city for alleged sweeps of homeless encampments before the tourist season.

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