Governor Katie Hobbs made the trip to Buena High School in Sierra Vista Tuesday night to participate in a fireside chat with local residents and leaders in Cochise County.

The Governor commented on the closure of the Lukeville port of entry, saying since the reopening she feels a message was sent to Washington.

I think the message that we sent to Washington really loudly and clearly on that closure, is that that isn’t the right way to address this, said Gov. Hobbs.

Her goal behind the message, was to improve communication from the top down.

I’m hopeful that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again, said Gov. Hobbs.

In the nearly two months since she signed the executive order activating the National Guard, Hobbs says she has heard positive reports.

I certainly don’t want to have them just sitting and, you know, doing administrative work or something when they’re needed on the ground,” said Gov. Hobbs, “So we want to make sure that that’s happening. And and as far as I know, that is the case.

And in the aftermath of her signing of House Bill 2785, Hobbs says her goal was to make it easier on election officials.

Moving the primary deadline of the primary up a week, gives them enough time, post-primary, for those overseas military ballots, said Gov. Hobbs.

The Governor’s visits to Southern Arizona have been part of her promise to include the South Eastern part of the state.

And she plans on continuing to visit the area.

One of the things we’ve done is had a number of community roundtables that include not just law enforcement, but business leaders and and local citizens, and their voices have been equally as important,” said Gov. Hobbs.



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