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Drag queen reacts to anti-drag bill

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) Earlier this year, Republican Senator Anthony Kern introduced two bills that placed limitations on drag queen performances.

We dont want a drag performance in a school library that is sexually explicit, or arousing the prurient interest. So if their reading does that, then we want to move that over to a sexually explicit type performance, said Kern during a House Government Committee meeting late March.

Both bills, SB1028 and SB1030, sparked controversy due to the language presented in the bills.


Restricts adult-cabaret performances on public property where a minor could be present Defined “adult-cabaret performances” as drag performers and drag shows First violation results in a Class One Misdemeanor Second violation results in a Class Six Felony


Regulation of licensing for establishments that conduct drag performances Classified “adult oriented business” as establishments that conduct drag shows or have drag performers Restrictions of when a drag performance may occur

Both bills were vetoed by Governor Katie Hobbs on Friday, June 16. Two other bills were also vetoed, which were introduced by other sponsors.


Restricts drag performances targeted for minors through singing, dancing, or monologue State institutions or state monies cannot be used for drag performances Violations result in restrictions from state monies and a Class One Misdemeanor


Defined sexual abuse as unlawful viewing of adult oriented performances Defined drag performances and shows as adult oriented Incriminated adults allowing minors to view drag performances

Each bill passed through both the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona Senate and made it to Governor Hobbs to sign. Hobbs also vetoed these two bills.

The votes split between “Yes” for republicans and “No” for democrats, with a few exceptions of non-votes.

Earlier this year, Armando Alvarezknown as Tucson drag queen Janae D’vasshared their view on the sexualization of drag performances.

I dont think Ive ever felt uncomfortable at a show, and thought, Oh my god that was too vulgar. Theres times and places for certain things, he said in February.

In March, Alvarez hosted a drag queen photoshoot as a stand in support of the drag queen and transgender community as their community faced difficult times.

We have the ability to express and give people that security to know, hey youre not alone and youre not alone in this community, look at all of us.’ And now were here to be that example, Alvarez shared at the photo shoot.

In her veto letter, Governor Hobbs shared:

“SB 1026, SB 1028, SB 1030, and SB 1698 are attempts to criminalize free expression and ostracize the LGBTQIA+ community both implicitly and explicitly…”

She added she will not support any legislation that marginalizes Arizonans.